Welcome to the SUPERHERO portal. This page provides navigation to all media relating to Superheroes. For the purpose of clarity, a superhero is defined as a protagonist employing extraordinary powers or weaponry to battle crime and injustice. Superheroes may be either male or female, adult or child, human or extra-terrestrial. Note that this portal is confined mainly to comic strip/comic book derivatives; alternate sources may be found in the Pulp and Serial portals. Examples are set out below in alphabetical order. To add another link, simply add [[Category:Superheroes]] to the page or file in question.

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Genius inventor Captain Midnight descends safely to the ground via his amazing gliderchute. Fawcett's premier aviator ruled the airways for close on six years, muscling aside competitors such as the Phantom Eagle and SpySmasher. Airborne superheroes reached their peak during the fast and furious days of World War Two.

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Like many early "mystery men", Captain Freedom originally fought to bring justice to the weak and helpless. But when America entered the war in 1941, the star-spangled hero focused his attention on Axis spies and saboteurs. Aided in his mission by the Young Defenders, Freedom employed his super-human abilities to combat the forces of evil wherever they appeared. Captain Freedom was one of many patriotically themed heroes which sprang up in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, when national sentiment was running high. Many were based on better-known characters such as MLJ's The Shield or Quality's Uncle Sam.

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Republic Pictures' adaption of Fawcett's SPY SMASHER.

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