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The Robbing Hood is a questionable anti-hero, linking the 'Robin Hood'-concept with the one of a radical (and even violent) demonstrator or protester, like you may find in the streets of the U.K. and France or anywhere around the globe.


He wears black shoes, jeans, a black hoody with a wild west sheriff's badge over his heart, while the hood covers his head. The rest of his face is covered by a black bandana with white peace signs all over it, and he wears pink contact lenses in his eyes (so the iris is pink).

The Character

Robbing Hood is known to steal from people who earned their fortune through illegal or unethical means and gives the money (or gold, luxury, water, etc.) to the poor or other people who need it. This may happen without any harm to the unjust, depending on their “crimes.” However, more than that, he is renowned to walk a path of destruction and especially to straight forward brutally kill those who are said to have acted unjust and on the expense of others on a big scale. His typical victims are politicians, church leaders, abusers, bankers, dictators, heads of concerns, monarchs, rapists, mafia, secret services and military. He frees people from terrible working conditions, opens secret documents to the public and plants bombs in parliaments of pseudo-democracies and palaces of oppressors. He can stand against whole armies.

Powers and Weapons

His main weapons are his body, his mind and his voice. It seems that he can infinitely multiply himself, though the supposed clones can appear from everywhere and seem to differ in race, gender and other traits, though no one can confirm that. Some assume that Robbing Hood is not a single person, but several people who rise around the globe to free themselves from their oppressors. He often appears as a group of clones, and not a single one is afraid of losing their life.

His further weapons are protest signs, baseball bats, sticks, stones, metal bars, laser pointers and crowbars, or similar items and sometimes even self-made pyrotechnics. He never uses guns.

Legal Notice

The character of Robbing Hood is available for use by anyone in any way they like, an author citation should not be made. Its stories, as well as its various artistic interpretations, are of course under copyright to their respective creators, however the character and all of the concept displayed on this page are free for anyone and everyone to use.

Please note

The political and ideological views of this character do not mirror the views of its creator. The creator however thinks that such characters are important to display both, the positive and negative aspects of such ideologies to ultimately make people think about ethics and “wrong & right”. The creator does not intend to cause harm to anyone with this character and distances from people who intend to so.

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