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Codename Red Right Hand
Name Unknown
Gender Male?
Occupation Miracleworker, Troublemaker, Demon?
Status Active
Creator Dominic Bennetts
First Appearance Free Universe Forums - May, 2010


There are a great many mysteries in this world, and a great many more that stalk the surface, mingling with humanity. One of these wandering mysteries is the man of many names, the one who travels the world on foot, with a black trench coat and a crimson red hand. This man traverses the land, walking down highways, byways, sidestreets, alleyways, dirt paths, and paths that are so dead and choked that they can hardly be called paths any more. His trail is marked by a constant companion, a boiling, brewing storm that hangs overhead, lightning flashing and leaping in the clouds.

Where he came from is not known. What he calls himself is not known. His age is not known. In fact, very little is known about him. But there are a great many legends and myths that feature a figure similar to the Ageless Stranger, a being who approaches a town, grants the greatest of desires and leaves soon after. His origins are one of the biggest mysteries of urban legend, but there are theories, rumours and unsubstantiated beliefs that he is a demon, sent to this plane to make ‘deals with the devil’ with Godfearing citizens, or perhaps a fallen angel. Still others believe he is the avatar of a mysterious and ancient god, trapped on this mortal realm, or that perhaps he is a god in his entirety. Still others think he is merely a man, albeit a man with an incredible grasp of magic and alchemy. Ahaz lends no credence to any one theory in particular.

In any case, his modus operandi is always the same. Accompanied by a storm, he wanders into the town and sets up a small bric-a-brac stand somewhere near the centre of activity. The unusual thing about his stall is that it will inevitably be stocked up with the desires of each individual who visits it, or some means of acquiring such desires. Anything seems to be possible for the King of Nowhere. He can offer up lost heirlooms, objects destroyed long ago, maps to ancient treasures, personal effects, ownership papers for any number of properties or vehicles, or even hard cash. All he asks in return for the object of your desire is a favour at some point in the future, and the deal is sealed by shaking his right hand. Many people find that they never hear from him again during the rest of their lives, but those who do often get asked to perform a simple task, something innocent or insignificant. However, these small favours serve to stir up old conflicts, and more often than not result in chaos, death or destruction on a far larger scale than would normally be expected.

Powers and Abilities

Nyarlothotep has the inexplicable ability to produce pretty well anything that anyone talking to him desires or needs at the current time, no questions asked. His scope for such actions is seemingly unlimited, and it appears that he knows how to provoke people into states of hope. With a few words, the shortest of conversations, he seems to have the incredible ability to revive hopes and dreams that you thought were long dead or somehow impossible, generally with the offer of a particular item that might be required for such a dream. He also has the ability to rejuvenate people spiritually by caressing their metaphysical being with his duplicitous right hand, revitalizing and restoring their energies and health. Perhaps he simply likes to ensure the greatest chance of people still being alive if he comes to collect, it is unknown.

He also appears to have abilities of teleportation or something similar, as he has been known to make house calls or appear to people when they need him most, to give them an item they need. A parachute on a crashing plane, a gun to a man whose discovered his wife cheating on him, cash to those indebted to loan sharks. He simply appears and with a shake of his red right hand the deal is done and the customer is satisfied. The Walking Man also appears to be immortal at the very least, never aging. It’s quite likely that he is also immortal in the sense of being unkillable, given the situations he stirs up.


Bloodshed Palm is naught but a legend to those who haven’t met him, and those who have never learn of any weakness he may possess. It cannot be hazarded as to what his weaknesses are, or whether he even possesses any.


The Midnight Wanderer appears as a man in his late fifties or early sixties, with shoulder-length brown hair which is turning gray. He has a long trench coat of black leather, which ends just a few centimetres below his knees, and this coat is creased with dirt and dust worked into the leather cracks and fabric. The sleeves of the coat are unusually long, covering both of his hands. However, when he extends his right hand, it appears to be relatively normal, save for the dark red nature of his skin up to his wrist. Those who have made deals with him have stated that shaking his hand is like having your hand near a fire, as the hand radiates a relatively high, but not overly uncomfortable, level of heat.


Red Right Hand is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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