Queen of Sphinxes

The Queen of Sphinxes is a martial arts mistress who travels the world battling oppressors and training the oppressed in martial magic.

After thousands of years, she hase Mammoth God becomes jealous of her power and betrays her, splitting her personality and power into seven people all over the world. She even created her own ‘Sphinx Style’ kung fu.

Now the one self aware part of her personality, a young woman named Brekka, our use her kung fu skills to batle evil while tracking down the other parts of her personality!

As the Queen of Sphinxes, she is an absolute master of unarmed combat and has kung fu spells she can use. She also is a master of numerous martial arts weapons such as the sword, the staff, the three-sided staff and countless others.

As Brekka, she is a master of kung fu and the use of the spear and has limited knowledge of the magic of the Sphinx Style.

The Queen of Sphinxes is an open source character free to use for anyone and creator credit is not necessary. In all her appearances, please let others know she is free to use for everyone.

Art by Aldous Orlock.

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