When Anne Anna was six years old, she wanted a pony for Christmas. Santa Claus brought her an EZ Bake Oven instead. Disappointed, she spent the afternoon tinkering with a screwdriver and soldering iron and, out of her gift, she built her own, fully functioning robot pony, which she affectionately named Coconut. That was the moment when her parents started noticing their daughter's extraordinary intelligence. Although poor, they sent her to all the best schools, where she earned PHDs in engineering and physics. By day, Professor Anne Anna teaches science at Concordia University in Montreal. However, her somewhat eccentric nature has inspired her to adopt a second, secret identity. Armed with her specially designed uniform, which is tricked out with all manner of high tech (though sometimes quite random) gadgetry and assisted by the ever faithful Coconut, who, over the years, has been upgraded slowly into a jet-powered unicorn, she battles the forces of injustice as... THE PINK PINEAPPLE!!!

Although Professor Anne Anna aka The Pink Pineapple's first adventure was in 1977 (she was quite groovy), a massive, cosmic, crisis event known as The Big Fat Retcon "reimagined" her as a darker, edgier heroine for the modern age. But when her archenemy sends her back in time to the year 195X, she has adventures in an easier, more honest time, and recaptures what made her a great character in the first place.

At some point, her and Coconut return to the present.


  • The Pink Pineapple & Coconut are open source characters created by David Eveleigh. They may be used by anyone, for any purpose, so long as their work is accompanied by this paragraph. Feel free to use them as you see fit.
  • In French, a pineapple is called an ananas (with the s being silent).

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