Codename The Night Raiders
Occupation Gunslingers
Status Deceased
Creator Simon Kirby
First Appearance OSSH/PDSH

The Night Raiders, aka The Dark Rangers, was a coalition of gunslingers that fought crime throughout the 1880s. While membership changes where quite frequent, the four core members of the group included Captain John Faraway (The Pistoleer), Ezra Slade Jnr (The Chamberlain Kid), Phoenix Summerdale (The Six Shooter), and the enigmatic Deathspeaker, scourge of the underworld. While each had operated as solo vigilantes during the latter years of the 19th century, fate brought them together in 1868 to combat demonic forces infesting the Westside of Chamberlain City. The Raiders fought as a band for three years until the Great Fire of 1871 brought a climactic end to their union.

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