Microchthon is a world existing in a “pocket dimension” that is normally inaccessible from the baseline reality. It is unclear if Microchthon’s dimension is comprised of a single “planet” or has a structure similar to the universe. Thousands of millennia ago, a powerful race known as The Ancients ruled the whole world, subjugating various others peoples such as the Odu (who are almost identical to Humans), the Kashiin (bat-like humanoids), and the Gerar (grey-skinned humanoids with tusks), among countless others. According to accounts, The Ancients were virtually immortal and had technology so advanced that it appeared to be magic.

It is unknown what occurred, but The Ancients supposedly angered The Primordials…Creatures of incredible power that slept beneath the world’s surface. The two forces fought desperately, both sides suffering grievous losses. In the end, The Ancients could not stand against the assault. The loss of Great Achor and its emerald towers heralded the defeat of The Ancients. The Primordials, content with the devastation they had wrought, retreated to the lower world once more, not to sleep as before, but to watch and plan. The Ancients fled into the Gray Desert and constructed Irnon, the great stronghold, surrounding it within a wall of reflective black stone a mile thick and a hundred miles high, bound to never journey int the world again.

In the aftermath of this war, The Ancient’s former slave races began to group together. Conflicts quickly arose when some groups began raiding others. The newly freed bands began searching for weapons belonging to their former masters…Some for defensive measures and others for more aggressive pursuits.

As the new wars decimated what little was left from the war between The Ancients and The Primordials, the would-be nations began splintering as members left in search of food.

The remaining armies met each other in The Valley of Kirkal for an all-out battle. It is believed that one of the armies had activated a recovered artifact that was, in fact, a bomb. The fact that there are now The Flatlands of Kirkal where the valley once rested certainly lends credence to this theory.

Now, with most survivors returned to more primitive ways, having a technological level similar to the early medieval period, and most of The Ancients’ artifacts destroyed, the world is more or less peaceful.

However, The Primordials are stirring again, and there’s no shortage of technomancers hunting for more of the relics that The Ancients left behind…


Microchthon is an "Open-Source Setting" and may be used by anyone. The only rule about using it is that your work must have this notation:

"Microchthon was created by Michael P. and is available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Microchthon in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."

While stories that take place on Microchthon, the adventures of its inhabitants, and the various artistic interpretations thereof are under copyright to their respective creators, the setting and ideas are free for anyone and everyone to use.

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