Codename Janie Matthews
Name Jane Matthews
Gender Female
Family Matthews
Occupation Reporter
Status Active
Creator Simon Kirby
First Appearance MSN Groups, 2005

When cub reporter Janie Matthews accepted her first undercover assignment, she had no idea just how undercover she'd be expected to go. Follow Janie into the sordid world of booze, bars and white slavery as she blows the lid off the entire east side burlesque racket!


Janie Matthews is an open source character created bySimonKirby for use in the Landmark RPG. Based largely on the girl reporter archetypes of the 1940s, she is a tribute to war-time heroines such as Norman Pett's Jane and Adolphe Barreaux's Sally the Sleuth. In keeping with the original source material, "cheesecake" imagery plays a significant role in Janie's adventures, with various "wardrobe malfunctions" occurring for comedic effect.


Janie Matthews has no superhuman abilities per se, but she is a skilled martial artist, having studied savate under French masters and hand-to-hand combat under Ace Brogan. Having lightning-fast reflexes and an expert knowledge of firearms, she has been known to take down dangerous adversaries with a single shot of the Smith & Wesson she carries on her person. Unlike many of Chamberlain's superhero elite, Janie never hesitates to take a life if the situation warrants lethal force.


Janie Matthews is an open source character specifically created to be used by anyone. Use the character however you want, author citation is not necessary.

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