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Codename Golden Girl
Name Alexandra Cassidy
Gender Female
Occupation Foreign Aid Worker
Status Active
Creator Dominic Bennetts
First Appearance Free Universe Forum, 2010


Alexandra was born in 1987 in West Philadelphia, to be the third child in a family of three. Her father was a veteran of the Vietnam War who had become a real estate agent, and her mother was a nurse at the local hospital. They both worked hard and loved their children very much, but with their work hours saw them a lot less often than they’d like. Babysitters became a frequent part of Alexandra’s life, but throughout her young life, her parents were always educating her, instilling her with a strong moral compass of justice and injustice.

This compass was sorely tested when Alexandra began to develop budding paratalents in her puberty. The first to appear was an ability to convert matter into concussive energy, which she couldn’t control in her early stages of parahood. Her house was periodically blasted by a wave of concussive force, and while her family tried to help her through this difficult period, Alexandra soon started to refuse to touch anything, for fear she’d convert it to concussive energy. In the end, it was ParaLabs that came knocking at their door, and they took Alexandra for professional training. She worked for months at the facility, quickly becoming friends with some of the other teens mastering their talents there. And it was there that the buds of a superhero team were born.

Alexandra returned home at the age of fifteen, with her abilities completely mastered, and soon joined a newly established team, composed of her and four others she met at ParaLabs. They roamed the streets, tackling criminals that the police weren’t around to handle, or helping out in emergencies. They thought they were doing a lot of good, but many in the city appeared to disagree. Their age seemed to be the biggest source of the uproar, and eventually Alexandra got tired of defending her position and quit the team. The harassment from citizens of the public got to be bad enough that Alexandra and her mother and father moved to another city, where she served another stint in another crime fighting team. The difference was that this team was very transparent publicly, and affiliated with the local police department. Also, now eighteen, Alexandra had far less worry about complaints due to her age.

It was during her time with the police force that Alexandra met a young man from Africa, and a beautiful romance sprung forth. Over the next few months, they became heavily involved, and when he decided to go back to visit his family in Africa, Alexandra went with him. Her time there was a bit of a reality check, to say the least. Corruption in the government, rampant crime in the cities and disease, famine and poverty widespread, Africa was not a nice place to spend a vacation if you were to visit the local places that Alexandra did with her boyfriend, since such places were hardly candidates for tourist attractions. However, they were candidates for real help, places she could really make a difference. And so, having finally experienced these places first hand rather than just on television, her moral compass guided her.

Current Status

Alive and fighting injustice. Having served with a few teen teams in her earlier years, Alexandra now works with humanitarian efforts in Africa, breaking up hard-packed soil and helping to educate the children as best she can. Despite having ended her relationship some months ago, she remains in Africa, living in the village with the native people, trying to help those ridden with AIDS and HIV. Her latest venture, as a minor hero in her past towns, has been a sister-town program to raise enough money to build an orphanage for those children whose parents have passed away from disease or hunger, and to feed, educate and clothe those children.

Powers and Abilities

Alexandra has two abilities that she used to use for crime fighting. The first is her talent for kinetic absorption. This ability means that when kinetic energy is imparted to her, the majority of it is drained and stored within her body for later use. This means that hand-to-hand combat with her simply doesn’t work, as this ability drains the power from an opponent’s punches and kicks, simply providing Alexandra with more energy for combat. This talent is highly useful, as it saps most kinetic energy, meaning that bullets from guns have their momentum drained on impact, producing a far less life-threatening effect, generally resulting in small spherical bruises on her body. Cutting her does work, but generally only causes superficial injuries due to the fact that Alexandra leeches away the thrusting and stabbing power of blades. The energy stored from this ability becomes a general energy store within her body, to be channelled for extra stamina or to allow Alexandra to go longer periods without sleeping or eating. Now she has less scrupulous missionaries who have anger issues and can’t release them pummel her, in order that she can continue to toil away at her work, or so that the children may have her share of food.

The energy retained can also be used for her concussive bursts. Alexandra can agitate the atoms of objects she’s touching and create concussive blasts of ‘solid energy’. The energy blasts travel to a topological focal point and fire in the direction it points, meaning the object has to have such a feature. Crowbars, guns, pointy rocks, things like that can all be utilized to create a powerful concussive blast. She can do this to other matter as well, but if there’s no directing focal point, the energy tends to move out in all directions after a few moments, similar to a grenade might. Objects tend to disintegrate after a number of uses due to the majority of their atoms being utilized for concussive blasts. However, when Alexandra has enough energy stored up within her, she is capable of agitating the atoms of the air around her, to create blasts without a focusing object. Currently her biggest use for this is to disturb and aerate tightly packed and sun-baked soil, so that grain may be planted more easily.

Alexandra is fit and healthy for her age, as well as athletic and quite flexible, but not amazingly incredible in any of these facets, though the last year of working with her African village has made her quite lean and hardy. She’s also a shodan in judo, and uses this to help train the young women of the village in self-defence, in order to allow them to be more independent, or even simply to take their minds away from their difficult lives.


Alexandra is a normal human, and despite the fact that the more conventional ways of hurting her don’t tend to work, it’s still relatively easy to hurt her. Steady and gradually applied pressure works as well on her as anybody else, so she can be choked, have her pressure points collapsed, or crushed under great weight. She also only absorbs kinetic energy imparted to her, so that if she is the moving object, her paratalent doesn’t kick in. Thus, falling is a tangible danger, and throws and grapples are effective against her. It’s also as easy to hurt her with fire, or drown her, or suffocate or poison her as anybody else, and in the African environment, disease is a definite possibility.

Morally, she also has a weakness when it comes to the village she works so hard to protect. It frustrates her to see how slowly progress is made, and how few of the children she tries to help get to experience a truly good life. Quite simply, it tears at her that she can’t help everyone she sees, having to do the same as everyone else. Famine and disease aren’t just something you can beat up.


Alexandra is friendly with the whole community she lives with, about a hundred or so people, and the children she cares for especially love her. Even her former boyfriend and his family continue to get along well with her, as they see what a help she is around the village. Her parents and siblings continue to support her, proud of her efforts. However, she does have a bit of a sour relationship with the gunrunners and big-game hunters who move through the village with varying frequency, as well as local African criminals in general.


Golden Girl is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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