Codename The Deathspeaker
Name Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Occupation Vigilante
Status Deceased(?)
Creator Simon Kirby
First Appearance OSSH/PDSH

The Deathspeaker is an open-sourced character designed by Simon Kirby for use in the Landmark RPG. A nocturnal gunslinger operating in the late Nineteenth Century, the Deathspeaker is considered Chamberlain's first masked vigilante. Armed only with a black rapier and two matching pistols, The Deathspeaker single-handedly cleaned out the city's crime-infested Westside, carving out a reputation for swift justice and lethal retribution. While mostly active during the 1850s, he returned in 1870 to battle the Makepeace Consortium, and was subject to unconfirmed sightings well into the early 1900s. Popularized in contemporary dime novels as a supernatural avenger, his apparent longevity has been the subject of much speculation, leading to rumours of paranormal abilities. Modern historians have dismissed the Deathspeaker as an urban legend similar to Spring-Heeled Jack, despite well-documented accounts of his activities being provided by both official police records and newspaper accounts. Dr. Rose Morrison of Chamberlain University has hypothesized that The Deathspeaker may have been a 19th Century incarnation of The Scarlet Shade.

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