Codename Bright Eyes
Name Unknown
Creator Vito Delsante
First Appearance November, 2011


  • Flight
  • Solar Rays
  • Solar Strength
  • Laser Vision
  • Can see into upper UV Radioscope


  • Powered by the sun
  • Can only operate from dawn to dusk


  • Bright Eyes is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish however, you must give the creator, Vito Delsante, credit.
  • In 2011, comic book writer Vito Delsante chose to create 30 new characters, 23 of which, he voluntarily released into the public domain in early 2014. Bright Eyes was #8.
  • Bright Eyes appeared in a story by Vito Delsante and published by VanBreed Studios, raising money for cancer research (the comic can be purchased here). Important to note, however, only the aspects of Bright Eyes character published here on this page are considered free to use by anyone (with creator credit, of course). Any aspects of the character original to that story (or any other which could pop up in the future), are copyrighted.

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